Sunday, April 20, 2014

Made it Through

Red gerber daisy, a favor from a friends baby shower last year. It made it through the winter and is happily blooming!

I think one of the dogs knocked this poor flower off its stem. Down a daisy.

The gerber daisy has a roommate. I love geraniums! Their leaves are beautiful and I love the smell!

Budding geranium.

I am not usually one to go for red, but these geraniums were left when a roommate moved out. I love the vibrancy of the blooms though!!!

Love the brilliance of these stunning flowers!
I was so happy that the gerber daisy made it through the winter. And I adore the smell of geraniums- so fresh! These were gifts/given to me and have been sitting in the eastern facing window all winter waiting for more sun. I don't know if I have a favorite flower, I appreciate them all as the come... Well, except for petunias. I am not a fan of those sticky icky flowers! I have worked at a few greenhouses in my life and I always hated deadheading them, it always left my hands endlessly sticky. Other than that, I just love having plants around in general, flowering or not.

Do you have a favorite plant or flower?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Inspiration

Buds starting to form on tree branches

Vernal pond.

Maianthemum dilatatum- false lily of the valley starting to poke up here, there and everywhere.

Amazing how nature can revive and grow after being broken down: Tree sprouting branches after being broken off at the top.

I love birch trees, I love the bark, the textures, the colors...

New growth. Fresh young, green branches sprouting buds.

Lichens on a boulder.

Old turkey tail mushrooms on a log.

More turkey tails, past their prime and with moss starting to take over, on a fallen log.

More happy dog!!! Oh Margi, you are so cute!

Close up of little buds on a delicate branch.

More delicate buds on thin branches, beautiful green from pine boughs in the background.

It is only a matter of time before these green buds burst open into foliage!

I love the texture through the lens of these thin branches all layered together.

It is like a sigh of relief seeing buds and green!

Wild raspberry cane with leaves tightly bound in bud form... For now.

It is a sigh of relief to finally see things brightening and budding in the woods.
I had to look hard and focus on the details to see the signs (other than abundant birdsong, of course), but the signs are all there! And although this cold never seems to end, you can see that spring is most definitely here!!!

What are your favorite things about spring?

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

It is finally spring and I am feeling light-hearted!

Enjoying a morning at the beach

Jump high!

Modeling the new print (Heart Ferns) in green on brown yoga pants. Pre-order goes until the 18th.

Grassy flats between the beach and the marsh.

Bare and gnarly branches rise from the grass.

Weathered dead tree branches

Beach grass plumage.

Looking at a field of beach grass through twisted branches.

Naked tree against the blue sky.

Bessie Mu-dog emerging from exploring the tall beach grass.

Happy Margaret Sue (our adopted tripod pup) checking out the marsh.

New design "Gastropod"/snail under a leafy branch hand printed on a light bright red, triblend women's tee.

Newest print (Gastropod) on super comfy and soft, triblend women's tee.

I failed to post the other day about the newest Little Owl designs. I am finally starting to bring in some yoga/fitness pants and they are SOOO comfy! "Heart Ferns" hand printed on either brown or black pants. They are on pre-order until next Friday (April 18, at midnight). Find out more about the special pre-order offer here.

There is also a new women's tee color and design in the shop! Find it here.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Sketchbook Peek: Woodland Floor

Sketchbook peek: Its all about the snails on this page!

Sketchbook peek: Ferns unfurling.

Sketchbook peek: Nature studies from daily walks. Mushrooms growing on a stump and pine branches.

Sketchbook peek: Little owl logo design and doodling flowers.

I have been slowly working on some new sketches
and trying to decide what screens to make next.
I am thinking woodland floor: Ferns and Gastropods!

What do you think?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Turkey feather found on the trail.

Sunlight shines through mountain laurel in the morning.

Moss and lichen on a tree trunk.

Mushrooms dried on a birch tree against a flood of sunlight on the forest floor.

moss sits vibrantly on a decaying log

The pups sniffing for things in between their wild running spurts.

more moss and lichen illuminated by morning light filtered through branches

root, moss, lichen, leaves, all soaking up the rays of spring morning sun.

I did not sleep well last night.
Many nights I wake up between 2 and 4, only to lay awake for hours before falling back to sleep (and then to wake up again in an hour or 2). Many times I don't mind, I read and think and sift through things that my mind seems either too busy to deal with during the day or doesn't want to deal with... But many times it can feel like the night is my mortal enemy and my mind is against me. Last night was one of those nights where I fought, diligently, with my running thoughts... Only to loose. I tried not to get up, for fear I will never sleep again. I tried as long and as hard as I could to calm myself back into slumber, but none of it works. I tried reading and putting lavender under my nose. And still nothing...

And then the day comes. The light shines through the blinds and I am reminded: "today is new day". Although I am dreading that tired body feeling. I make some tea, load up and take the dogs for their morning walk (today through the woods) and I take it slow and breath in deep, heavy breaths. Today is beautiful, quintessential Spring. Again I am reminded that "today is new day".

Something happens when I am out in nature. I feel the sunlight, smell the piney perfume as the morning heats up, I feel my heartbeat as I march along and I see colors that are inspiring and soothing. I bring my camera. Sometimes I don't even realize what I have caught through the lens until I sit down at my computer and then I see...
It makes me happy and the day feels better.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Textures in the sand. Looks like layered feathers!

Finally some spring-like weather. There were a few surfers taking advantage at the beach this morning.

Surfer out of water. Walking with his board.

Puppies having a good romp on the beach.

The oldest and youngest of our dogs waiting patiently for me to catch up while walking on the beach this morning.

The waves were crashing and the sound was utterly peaceful. The air was full of a briny smell.

In full motion. Bessie Mu running back after calling her away from chasing seagulls.

The shore is lined with grand houses. This one sits on a cliff where the waves crash along the bottom.

Margaret meets a new friend today. 10 month old Otis (a golden retriever). She is so happy to have someone closer to her size to play with!

For 10 weeks old, Otis is very aware. I suggested he be trained as a therapy dog, he is so sweet and responsive!!!

This morning the beach was glorious! It finally feels like spring and if I didn't have things to do this morning I would have lolligagged most of the day!
Now it is onto getting orders ready to be shipped!

Hope you enjoy your day, Friends!